Watch OS App For Visa

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The goal of this design challenge was to create a Watch OS App for Visa. I spent 15 minutes researching Visa, Watch OS best practices, & gathering material followed by 30 minutes of designing the interaction on Figma.

Design Challenge
45 min
fifty/fifty coffee and tea @ Geary and Spruce
Iced Chai


This is a conceptual study and is not affiliated with Visa.

The Outcome

VisaPay. The Watch OS payment solution.
Leave your visa cards in your wallet or even at home!

Process & Reflection
How might we represent Visa's industry leading electronic payment system on a Native Watch OS Application? This design took influence from "pop-up" wallets where the user can easily see and access their card options. (Link: the pop up wallet). With more time, I would have added additional features to differentiate from current Watch OS payment options. This could include rewards programs, or from the merchant's side using an apple watch as the tap to pay POS system.